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Flexible workspace offers companies of all sizes the flexibility to let shared space help you realize your company's future.

Office Solutions
Companies with different forms and businesses have different studio and shared space environments. PARAGON provides you with independent office space solutions that can solve your problems and meet your needs!
Small & Private studio

PARAGON has exclusive small independent offices designed for individuals and start-ups, with rooms ranging from 80 to 120 square feet.

Private/Team Office

There are a total of 188 units of 130-200 square feet in eight venues. Our team will recommend suitable studios based on your needs and budget. Room plans allow you to accommodate teams of varying sizes. Ready to move in and set up your ideal office!

Multi-purpose Function rooms

The multi-purpose studios and activity rooms cover an area of ​​500-1,200 square feet respectively, and are suitable for parent-child activities, physical and mental experiences, various workshops and board game activities, etc., so that you can start teaching with us.

One card for eight venues

Paragon's major venues have strict security systems and require exclusive access cards to enter and exit. With one card in hand, tenants can access eight venues and use more than 10 venue facilities.

SME support and related services

We provide a series of related support services for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, so that you don’t have to work alone on your entrepreneurial journey! We provide one-stop live streaming services, start-up promotion programs, video shooting and post-production, and social innovation fund funding programs, etc.


Paracoin members can rent event spaces, conference rooms and other services at a 20% discount. It meets the flexible office needs of companies of all sizes and is suitable for meeting customers, holding events, etc. You can also enjoy the facilities in the Paragon Club!



Tenants Experience & Share
Feng Fatao Feng Shui Numerology Studio

'' The private studios and shared spaces are very organized and bright. Paragon's location is very convenient. Large indoor event spaces can be used to hold lectures. Venue colleagues are very happy to help every tenant solve their problems''

Alma Aroma Studio

'' Paragon CreatorSpace is a new venue and is close to the subway station. Its flexible office and shared space allow me to work without any worries. I can also spend my time and resources on my creation, so that we can provide customers with a higher level and quality of service. ''

Karissa Wedding

''I have been stationed in Kwun Tong studio for a while. The rent at Paragon is reasonable and the venue environment is a suitable place for a wedding studio! In addition to the tight security system, there are also many different activity spaces for filming and tenant entertainment. I am very happy to finally find a good studio!''

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